Best Synergy Programs of Microcurrent / EMS / Hydra-dermabrasion

Enrich your treatment with just one device “EVE – Ace of Face”
EVE combines three unique technologies of EMS, Microcurrent, and Hydra-dermabrasion in one device to conveniently provide users with a variety of treatment programs. It has been developed from a user-centered perspective, maximizing user convenience by enabling quick and smooth procedures by composing tips for various purposes and professional functions that were not previously available.


How EMS / Microcurrent works

Microcurrent electrotherapy increases the production of adenosine triphosphat (ATP) and protein, which plays an important role in cellular energy metabolism, using a low current of μA. μA promotes the metabolism of skin cells and lymphatic massage while barely felt by the human body.

Feature and Merit of EMS /Microcurrent

Enhancement of professionalism in treatment with great effectiveness.

Non-Invasive, Painless treatment

Non-surgical way to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin in a consistent manner that is as safe as it is effective.

Easy Pre-set protocol programs

More than 12 different pre-set protocols are designed scientifically with optimized μA and time setting for customized treatment based on specific skin conditions or concerns. A Well-made Protocol programs increase professionalism and allow you to provide cumulative results no matter who use even for beginners as the program is set for the purpose of using the device such as anti-aging (by age), acne, seborrhea, scalp seborrhea, rosacea, alleviating pain and restoration post-destruction.

Various treatment mode

Various hand-piece types can create unlimited treatment programs.
Micro Ball Type

The micro size of the ball intensifies the current and increases effectiveness.

T Type

To lift broader areas such as the cheekbones, periorbital wrinkle and jaw line.

Comb Type

To energize hair follicles, promote blood circulation, diminish hair loss, reduce dryness and dandruff.


Easy, hands-free microcurrent treatment targeting the fine lines and wrinkles.


Ideal way to provide a more detail oriented microcurrent treatment to fit you or your client's unique needs for facial lifting and toning.


EVE is practically effective for those who suffering from skin troubles and skin aging.
Hydra-Microdermabrasion has cleansing, peeling, hydration, brightening, exfoliation, toning, acne, sebum control, skin immunity improvement by removing skin wastes and dead skin cells. Microcurrent improves skin condition to make glow skin.
Exfoliation and microcurrent are effective with just one treatment. However, if you want consistent satisfaction with looking, we recommend at least 5 treatments every week.
Using two non-invasive techniques, there is no recovery time required, and daily activities can be resumed immediately.
Hydra-Microdermabrasion treatment takes 5 minutes. Microcurrent treatment takes on average 15~20 minutes.

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