Apollo Duet®


First Class Synergy System for all skin types

Apollo Duet is combining of two leading technologies 1MHz Multipolar RF and Electroporation
Apollo duet is the most advanced aesthetic face skin caring system consisting of world class Radio Frequency and Electroporation technology. Thanks to the stable and customer friendly designed technologies, all the unique combination of Apollo Duet, such as multi polar RF, Electroporation, Cooling, Heating and +/- Polarities , provides various and effective programs to the user with high satisfaction.


How Apollo Duet EL works

Electroporation is an advanced version of Iontophoresis. It creates micro-channel using electrical stimulation, not a needle, and insert penetrates ingredients through these channel into the skin. These micro-channels enable introduction of any kinds of hydrophilic substances into the epidermis cells with NO pain, No bleeding and No downtime.

Feature and Merit of Apollo Duet EL

Electroporation is used as an alternative to injections.

On-off pulse time

Apollo duet provides electrode current with 5,000 times pulse for every 1 second. The channel open and close 5,000 times a second to make solution path and give a time to be spread. Thanks to this technically designed program, Apollo duet penetrates solution effectively.

Quick, Long lasting and stable Temperature control

Thanks to high quality temperature control, convenient and various operation are available. (-20℃ to 45℃)

Various treatment mode

Wide range of merits for users and clients.

Strong Cooling function helps cool down skin to -20℃. It is helpful in post care for skin destruction treatment by means of Microneedlig, IPL, and Fractional RF and reduce downtime to return to daily life quickly.


Strong Heating function helps heat skin up to 45℃. It helps in pre-heating for skin restoration treatment by means of Multipolar RF and warm the skin, relaxes the muscles before the procedure, and maximizes the effect.

+/- Pulse Selection

Although Apollo duet does not care about the polarities of the solution thanks to the strong electroporation, it still provides selection of +/- for Iontophoresis users and ionized solution users. Pulses can add push effect for use of ionized solution.

Before & After


Apollo Duet is practically effective for those who are worried about sagging skin and wrinkles. It is effective in skin lifting, tightening, brightening, face contouring, moisturizing, alopecia, melisma, acne care.

Collagen in the skin is remodeled with just one treatment. However, if you want consistent satisfaction with looking, we recommend 6-8 treatments once every 2 weeks.

Apollo Duet is non-invasive device with advanced technologies. There’s no skin destruction and pain during treatment.

Using two non-invasive techniques, there is no recovery time required, and daily activities can be resumed immediately.

RF treatment takes 30 minutes. EL treatment takes 30 minutes.

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